Northfields and its immediate surrounds were used for cattle and crop farming, with a handful of farmers cottages dotted in the landscape between the River Brent, Grand Union Canal and the London to Birmingham railway line.


The railways brought little impact until the First World War when military training and chemical weapon testing facilities were built nearby on what is now Heather Park Drive. These were served by a single line rail that terminated in Heather Park field.


The Northfields Industrial Estate was developed in 1934 to take advantage of the newly built North Circular Road, and canal. The nearby housing, including Heather Park Estate, followed the development of the estate.


Most recently the nature of activity on the Northfields site changed. As the needs of modern industry changed and the site could no longer provide appropriate accommodation. Businesses on the site changed from being industry to storage, most recently with car dealers and breakers and scaffold yards.

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Northfields early this year